Municipal sewage sludge treatment and disposal


Municipal sewage sludge treatment and disposal Introduction: urban sewage sludge sewage treatment process solid waste generated. With the development of the cause of domestic sewage treatment, sewage water treatment plant and the total level of treatment will continue to expand and increase the amount of sludge produced is also increasing, currently its infrastructure and running […]

Humic acids can helps to resist drought and save water


The main effect of humic acid that can effectively control the opening and closing of stomata to reduce transpiration, and thus increase crop drought resistance. Drought humic water-saving products is an important material support rainfed agriculture is to establish efficient water-saving agriculture fully staffed practical agricultural technology products. According to February 2009 the State Council […]

Humic acids can formulate fertilizer for organic agriculture


Humic acid has a milestone fertilizer for organic agriculture and the role of agriculture compared with the current, it has the following characteristics: (A) may provide non-polluting to society, good taste, food safety and environmental protection food is conducive to people’s health and reduce disease. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, a substantial increase […]

Humic Acids help to improve Saline Soil


Saline Soil improvement Northern China mostly alkaline soil and water, although some areas are built green space in fertile ground, underground saline water for irrigation, can also cause secondary saline soil. Saline area green building, improve the survival rate is a priority, and basic water and soil is a major obstacle to cause trees to […]

Formulate fertilizer according to soil analysis


Patients go to the hospital, the doctor should first check tests to make a diagnosis before you prescribe the right medicine to prescribe according to the disease, it will get better soon. Fertilization is soil doctor for your land doctor prescribing pharmaceuticals. We are talking Fertilization internationally known as the “balanced fertilization,” This technology is […]