About Saint Humic Acid
We are committed to the modernization of agriculture, agriculture, green agriculture, agricultural science and technology we have the following core technology advantages: We have a professional laboratory analysis room for humic acid products to conduct a comprehensive analysis, and given a full set of different humic acid extraction for the extraction of raw materials Program. For humic acid applications in agriculture, we can make for soil water and crop situation in different regions of the analysis, and then the case with fat; our focus area for fertilization of crops able to program, rushed release from basal foliage conduct Fertilization job with the Trinity; and for the improvement of the soil, such as salt, heavy metal pollution, as well as wind and sand that we can come up with very effective program plan; for humic acid in aquaculture, we have compounded the feed level humic acid sodium, We conducted a series of recipes for each physical mechanism for feeding animals in research and development; in industrial applications we have a series of new exploration. While our R & D team for the humic acid in new areas such as food and medicine has made new developments have made some medical humic acid products. We are actively with well-known experts to exchange humic acid, or even work together, we made a series of fruitful research.

We offer our agriculture overall solution for soil remediation, soil testing and fertilizer, improved saline etc. tailored overall solution.


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