Beijing Evergreen Science&Technology Co., Ltd.located in Fengtai District of Beijing is committed to the sustainable development of agricultural technologies, services and products and coal chemical products, as well as science and technology enterprises municipal sewage sludge processed.

We have humic experts, chemical experts, more than 20 experts fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer has been committed to the formation of a water-soluble humic acid drip fertilization, trace elements fertilizer, fertilizer, microbial agents, (bio) organic fertilizer , compound microbial fertilizer, slow release fertilizer, environmental treatment agent new eco-fertilizer products.

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  • Humic Acids

    Agricultural fertilizer series , main products are humic acids, such as humic acid,nitro humic acid, sodium humate, potassium humate, ammonium humate, boron humate, phosphorus humate,magnesium humate, Fulvic acid, potassium Fulvate, zinc Fulvate, Fulvic acid, boron Fulvate; humic acids fertilizer series, such as humic acid organic fertilizer, consisting of base fertilizer and fertilization,;humic acid chelated trace elements fertilizers and amino acid binding, combined with various elements of the Fulvic acids foliar fertilizer.Also feed grade humic acids used for husbandry.Medical humic acids for daily human use.

    Coal Chemicals

    Coal chemical products mainly include Main PP series, PE series, sulfur, methyl t-butyl ether, 1-butene. Polyethylene, polyethylene (POLYETHYLENE, PE) is a polymer formed by the polymerization of ethylene, the molecular formula, CAS: 9002-88-4, is a polymer formed by polymerization of vinyl monomers; PP (Polypropylene), by a thermoplastic resin obtained by the polymerization of propylene. Polypropylene is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless milky white highly crystalline polymers, density of only 0. 90 -. "0 91g / cm3, is one of the lightest in all plastic varieties it particularly stable water. absorption in water is only 0.01%, a molecular weight of about 8 150 000.

    Technical Support

    In agriculture we have authoritative experts fertilizer, crop specialists, soil science specialists, experts and humic acid chemical experts, etc., with a number of 10 years of experience and unique insights in the fertilizer field analysis, we can provide targeted solutions, with fertilizer program, as well as water-saving agriculture, improve saline and so on. In the coal chemical industry we have a professional 10 the number of chemical experts to provide strong technical support. While in urban sewage, sludge, daily food wast processing we have already had a relatively complete treatment programs and professional team.