Our main products are dyes,acid dyes,leather dyes,recreative dyes and dyes dispersant and so on.Acid dyes are water soluble anionic dyes that are applied to fibres such as silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylic fibres from neutral to acid dye baths.Leather Dyes allows uniform drying and mixing that allows creation of interesting middle tones.Reactive Dyes comprise class of highly colored organic substances that mainly find usage in tinting of textiles. These dyes work by attaching to their substrates through chemical reaction, thus forming covalent bonding between molecule of dye as well as of fiber and offers resistance from washing.


GREEN AGROCHEM DYES UNIT are dedicated to the business of dyes and dyes chemicals R&D and marketing to maximize and optimize the ratio of efficiency of the additives accordingly enlarge customers’ profit. R&D team work motivationally to create new lignosulfonates to guid keep creative of new products. Production department to cooperate with lab to manufacture qualified products. Our marketing team provide better service for all the customers from worldwide.